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How To Make Creamy 5 Minute Steel Cut Oats

Are quick-cooking steel cut oats better than those little brown instant packets? The answer (or my answer, I should say) is an enthusiastic, YES! The taste and texture of the quick-cooking steel cut variety is dramatically better and so worth the extra 3 minutes of your precious morning time.

So, first I always make sure I have a container of quick-cooking steel cut oats in the kitchen. You're going to follow the basic prep directions on the container. The key, for me at least, is to cook them with the lid off and just give the oats a whiskAfter a couple of minutes you will see it thicken. I prefer my oats creamy as opposed to thick so just after about 3-4 minutes I take the pot off the stove and pour it right into a bowl. I add about a tablespoon of oat milk and stir. Creamy. Perfect. Top with strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, almond butter, whatever you prefer.

I have a bowl of these oats just about every morning, it's that simple and quick. It's also an ideal pre-workout choice.

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